CEP’s Fellowship Programs include an element of professional development and the support of teaching and research. This process takes two forms:

  • The Academic Network Initiative (ANI), which provides a forum for regional and international academic collaboration, and exchange of ideas and scholarship.
  • The Teaching and Learning Initiative (TLI), which aims to promote the best educational practices through workshops, conferences, and the provision of, support materials.

These Teaching and Learning pages constitute a main part of these support materials.

The pages aim to give direct support to CEP’s own range of workshops, training programs, and other teaching and learning initiatives. However, it is hoped that they will, in addition, be a collection of resources for all higher education academics in the region, and beyond.

Specific aspects of these pages include:

  • details of training programs offered by CEP to its Fellows and their colleagues;
  • resources to support innovative teaching, including bibliographies, full texts, and web links; and
  • materials for workshop facilitators.

It is hoped that the materials contained in these pages will be used as widely as possible, but we would ask that the correct sourcing be acknowledged in any such usage. In some cases, the materials appearing on these pages have been modified for this purpose. In all cases, every effort has been made to gain the appropriate permissions from copyright and other intellectual property holders. If any errors remain, they are unintentional.

If you have any questions or comments about these pages, or any suggestions of other materials we might add, please contact teaching@cep.org.hu.

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