The Academic Network Initiative (ANI) wishes to provide a framework for scholarly collaboration as well as exchange of ideas and scholarship at regional and international levels. The mission of ANI is to support the development of sustainable scholarly associations and promote the acquisition, development and exchange of knowledge, methods and resources.

As the first step to the ANI development, CEP has launched nine Discipline Group pages on its web-site. The web-based virtual environment will serve as a tool for communication and exchange of information and resources among the Fellows and Alumni, help them identify and discuss possible collaboration or cooperation with their colleagues in the CEP region and beyond.

In addition to the discipline web-pages, CEP has established a Network Fund to provide targeted assistance to network projects which contribute to the development of long-term academic linkages based on the specific needs and interests of scholars in the region.

Please note that there are already some international academic networks which receive organizational or financial support from CEP, such as Critical Sociology Network, the Environmental Network on Sustainable Rural Development, the Southeast European History Network, the Academic Network in International Relations, the International Academic Network in Anthropology, the Latin Paleography Network, the Social Transformation in Comparative Perspective Network, the Academic Network of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Scholars, the European Studies Network and the Eurasian Political Studies Network.

These networks are at different stages of development. However, the members of these networks would be glad to hear from those of you who are interested in joining them as active members. If you would like to contribute to one of their current or planned activities, or start up new initiatives within their networks, please contact them with your proposals.

With any questions or comments concerning ANI or these pages, please contact: disciplines@cep.org.hu

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