Event: Interdisciplinary work-shop/seminar, ‘Ethno-Cultural and Social Paradigms in a Post-Totalitarian Space into a Specific Region’. Guests: prof. Aurelia Lapusan, Faculty of Journalism and Social Studies, Ovidius University, Constanta, prof. Doina Pauleanu, Director of National Art Museum of Constanta.
Network: IANA
Date: Beginning of May 2003
Place: Romania
Main Organizer: Florin Anghel, MA

Event: Roundtable on the national historiographies of the GDL of the last decade followed by a network meeting
Network: GDL
Date: May16-18
Place: Grodna, Belarus
Main Organizer: Siarhei Salei, Giedre Mickunaite, Alexander Filiushkin, Krzysztof Pietkewicz

Event: PHILEUM Program in the Humanities and Social Sciences:
Public lecture by Prof. Philip van der Eijk, University of Newcastle, UK (title to be confirmed)
Network: IANA
Date: May 19
Place: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Main Organizer: Dobrinka Parucheva, PhD

Event: Workshop for students: "Research of Mentalities in the field of Anthropological Sciences"
Network: IANA
Date: May
Place: Chisinau, Moldova
Main Organizer: Virgiliu Birladeanu, PhD

Event: Launch of the GDL webpage
Network: GDL
Date: May
Main Organizer: Siarhei Kaun

Event: Roundtable « Un caractère national et des stéréotypes nationaux »
Network: IANA
Date: End of May
Place: Poland
Main Organizer: Maciej Kuchaski, Dr.

Event: Student Essay Competition
Network: STCP
Date: May
Main Organizer: Svetlana Babenko, Ostap Sereda
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