Event: Meeting of the founding members of CAESS; discussion on the main goals; preparations for the official opening of the Centre on February 27-28, 2003
Network: IANA
Date: February 6
Place: Plovidv, Bulgaria
Main Organizer: Dobrinka Parusheva, PhD

Event: Academic Skills Development Workshop, "Impact of the European Union ‘Eastern’ Enlargement " [link]
Network: ANIR
Date: February 6-9
Place: Odessa
Main Organizer: Odessa National University, Center for International Studies, Maciej Bartkowski (CEP Visiting Fellow), Volodymyr Dubovyk (CEP Alumnus), Sergey Glebov (CEP Local Fellow)

Event: Academic Skills Development Workshop for 2nd and 3rd year students "How to write a thesis?"
Network: IANA
Date: February 15
Place: Chisinau, Moldova
Main Organizer: Ludmila Cojocari

Event: Conference, 'Exchange and Development' followed by a public lecture by prof. Francois Laplantine 'Le métissage: un paradigme en construction'
Official opening of the Bulgaria Resource Centre - CAESS (Centre for Anthropological and Ethnosociological Studies) and launch of the 'PHILEUM' Program
Network: IANA
Date: February 27-28
Place: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Main Organizer: Dobrinka Parusheva, Dr., Krasimira Krastanova, PhD

Event: CAESS meeting, ‘The Symbol, The Biography’
Discussions on the methods, including biographical approach, series of data method, practical logic, case-study approach
Network: IANA
Place: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Main Organizer: Dobrinka Parusheva, Dr.
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