Lecturers Profiles - Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus


Richard Donnelly, CEP Visiting Faculty Fellow, International Institute of Management, Moldova

Richard Donnelly has been the Civic Education Project’s (CEP) visiting lecturer in Economics at the Ternopil Academy of National Economy, Ukraine, since August 1996 through June 1998, and currently at the International Institute of Management of Moldova. He has received a BA in Economics and Political Science from New England College (1991), MA (Economics) from the University of Connecticut (1994), holds a Teaching Certificate in History from Framingham State College.

Colleagues in CEP and at partner institutions mark Richard’s professionalism, outstanding organization, ability to perform effectively in a culturally different environment, under circumstances of stress, time pressure and scarcity of materials and services available, which made him one of the most successful visiting lecturers CEP has placed in Ukraine and Moldova.

His solid knowledge, intelligence, outstanding skills of interpersonal communication and public speaking, responsibility and sense of humor have gained him much respect from the students and colleagues. He eagerly involves himself in various outreach activities in his host institutions and in the community, is one of the most active guest-lecturers in the Ukraine-Moldova-Belarus group. He initiated and organized various academic and cultural events at the Ternopil Academy, helped prepare the Orientation Program for new CEP fellows at Yale University and the in-country orientation for CEP Ukraine-Moldova-Belarus in Kyiv, Ukraine in the summers of 1997 and 1998. He chaired and served as a discussant at Economics panels at Regional and International Student Conferences organized by CEP at Lviv State University (April and December, 1997) and the Central European University (Budapest, April 1997). In the Fall semester of 1998 Mr.Donnelly served as a member of the organizing committee and a primary local coordinator of the Regional Student Conference “Looking Ahead at the New Millennium: Choices for Regional Development” in Chisinau, Moldova. His ideas, hard work in combination with the solid professional and personal contacts he’d established in Moldova made this conference a great success.

The most favorite part of his activities as a CEP Fellow, Richard finds working with the students. He has organized numerous workshops in writing successful scholarship applications, prepared many students for participation in various CEP academic events. He has initiated links between the Ternopil Academy of National Economy and several book donation projects, which allowed creating one of the best Economic libraries in the region.

Mr. Donnelly is actively working on further developing his teaching proficiency and shares his experience with others. To this effect, he published two manuals, one in Classroom Activities for Teaching Economics, the other, Manual for Academic Writing, both of which are extensively used by the CEP Fellows and their colleagues throughout Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus in teaching courses in Economics and in working with their students on writing academic and research papers and projects. (Both the publications are available from the CEP Kiev office.) Together with several other CEP Fellows, in March 1999, Richard conducted a workshop on Contemporary Teaching Methodologies at the Odessa State University.

Richard Donnelly:

“Working with CEP has been both the best professional and personal event of my life. It has given me the unique chance to interact with, and gain an insight on, a part of the world that was previously closed. More importantly, it has given me a chance to participate in most significant social transformation in the last fifty years. Honestly, I have received more from the experience than I have given.”

Richard Donelly


Dr. Elena Kovaleva, CEP Local Faculty Fellow, Donetsk State Technical University, Ukraine

Elena Kovaleva has been a CEP Eastern Scholar in the academic years 1997-98 and 1998-99. She has a solid education and extensive teaching experience in the field of Political Science, completed Ph.D. (Candidate of Science) degree in Political History at Taras Shevchenko Kiev State University in 1991, received MA in International Relations and European Studies at Central European University (Prague, Czech Republic) in 1993, completed a course of postdoctoral studies at the University of Oxford (UK, 1994) and holds a Fellowship of the British Academy since 1997. Currently Dr. Kovaleva holds a position of Associate Professor at the Donetsk State Technical University, teaches authentic courses in Political Science, European Politics, International Organizations and Organizational Behavior.

In addition to being a talented and charismatic professor, Elena is very active in her outreach activities. She supervised many students who participated in various student events sponsored by CEP, several of her students were selected as the authors of best papers and best presenters at the CEP International Student Conference in Budapest (1998) and Regional Conferences in Lviv, Ukraine (1997) and Chisinau, Moldova (1998). The students appreciate and respect their professor’s outstanding knowledge, high professionalism and interest in working with them beyond the classroom.

In July 1998 Dr.Kovaleva has represented CEP-Ukraine on a trip of the CEP Eastern Scholars to NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. As a result of this visit and meetings with NATO officials, she organized, in February of 1999, a NATO Debate in Donetsk. This unique event brought together representatives of the military block and representatives of political and public forces of the Eastern-Ukrainian region in a dialogue about the controversies of the process of integrating Ukraine into the European community and NATO’s eastward expansion. Similar events are currently planned in other regions of Ukraine.

Elena is actively involved in joint research on the political situation in Ukraine and Ukraine’s policies toward the European Union and other international organizations with the colleagues at EU and scholarly institutions in Western Europe and the United States.

CEP finds it as its primary goal to support scholars like Elena Kovaleva in their efforts to reform the contents and means of social science teaching, promoting student research and activities, bringing scholars and policy-makers from their universities and countries together in a dialogue with their counterparts in the West.

Elena Kovaleva:

“Without any exaggeration, my best working experience are the years with CEP. This organization gives an opportunity not to dream about the changes, but to actually change life today, working in the most future-oriented field – Education. All the talented and committed people working for CEP share the same values of freedom, independence, professionalism and responsibility. I believe that we are one team, not due to a chance, but because we think the same way..."

Elena Kovaleva