Romaversitas Invisible College
H 1078 Budapest, Nefelejcs utca 39.
Tel./Fax (36) 1 352-4500

The Romaversitas Invisible College was founded by the Roma Civil Rights' Foundation in 1996. It became an independent foundation in 2001.
In 2001 twelve Romaversitas students graduated from various Hungarian universities.


Our mission is the supplementary training, financial, moral and intellectual support of talented Roma students enrolled in higher education institutes and, through this, the promotion of the idea and practice of equal opportunities.
The program is the first initiative of its kind in Hungary.


Educational Program

Compulsory training program
Tutorial training

Each student selects a topic and a tutor who is an acknowledged expert of the field. The student develops the topic in close cooperation with the tutor and writes a paper at the end of each term to summarize the result of his/her work.

Language training

The students undertake to learn a modern language (preferably English) in a language school, one-to-one classes or groups. After two semesters they must take an elementary level language exam, and at the end of the fourth semester an intermediate level exam.

IT training

The students do four modules of the ECDL training. If the student requires, the College funds the completion of the whole course (7 modules), in which case the student is awarded an internationally acknowledged certificate.

Open University Lecture Series

The college also organises programs that discuss the results of the latest research on Roma issues and the social conflicts concerning the Roma community, with the participation of experts in the field.

Alternative courses
Roma language
Personal development training (group and individual)

Community building programs

Film club
Theatre visits
Summer camps
Other events

Skill development programs

Career planning
Personal development
Management training

Financial support

Social benefits
Housing allowance
Travel allowance
Book allowance
Scholarships for tutors

The Board Members of Romaversitas Invisible College

Zsuzsanna Csillag Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Budapest College of Management

Ágnes Erdélyi Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy, ELTE Budapest

Ferenc Eros Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology, University of Pécs

Dr László Fórika LL.M.
Advisor to the Ombudsman of Minority Rights (Romaversitas Alumnus)

Rita Galambos
Regional Director, Civic Education Project Central Europe

Mihály Hamburger Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology, ELTE Budapest

Aladár Horváth
Director of the Roma Civil Rights' Foundation

Angéla Kóczé
Sociologist, Educational Director, European Roma Rights Center

Rózsa Mendi

The Directors of Romaversitas Invisible College

Ágnes Daróczi Program Director
Gábor Havas Educational Director


OSI-Higher Education Support Program
SOROS Foundation
Blaustein Foundation

The Association of Hungarian Film Clubs
The British Council
Civic Education Project Hungary
JOINT Foundation
Másképp Foundation
Szabó Ervin Library
The World Bank
Private Donors