CEP in the News


From the Civic Education Project Newsletter, Volume 2, Number 1, Fall 1995

For any project such as ours one of the most difficult challenges is getting the news media to pay attention to the success of our efforts. During 1995 CEP staff, lecturers and students have all worked hard to "get the word out" about CEP in the media in Europe and in the United States and the results of these combined efforts have been impressive.

Since the beginning of the summer, hardly a week has gone by without an article appearing either about CEP or in which CEP lecturers and staff are mentioned or quoted. Increasingly CEP is being recognized as the most wide-ranging and successful educational reform project under way in Eastern Europe and the NIS--one that sets the standard by which other programs are measured. In particular, many commentators are impressed by how much we accomplish without significant U.S. government assistance.

The citations that follow are just a sample of the positive coverage CEP has received this year:

The Chronicle of Higher Education, October 20, on new educational institutions in Russia that featured veteran CEP lecturer Brian Whitmore.

The Hartford Courant, September 18, on CEP Romania lecturer Christopher Stan.

Suddeutsche Zeitung, August 26, on the experiences of CEP students, including the following quotation from Catalin Stoica (Bucharest): "In my second year, however, [CEP] lecturers started to teach here and I took five classes with them. Since then my way of thinking has thoroughly changed."

USA Today (International Edition), May 31, "While the U.S. Congress debates foreign-aid cuts, the four-year old Civic Education Project is turning heads as a model for U.S. foreign assistance."

Der Standard, May 8, on the student conference, "I am very glad that I came to Vienna with the help of this CEP conference. Abroad I can express myself more freely. Here I can say things without being afraid that those in power in Albania will make my life more difficult." -- CEP Student Roald Nashi (Tirana)