Alumni News


From the Civic Education Project Newsletter, Volume 2, Number 1, Fall 1995

Stephen Baba
(Ukraine, '93-94) Steve now heads the Master's program in economics at the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics, and Strategic Management (KIMEP) in Almaty. CEP will be sending three lecturers to the Institute in September. Steve is also supervising a USAID-funded summer program in which five current CEP economics lecturers will be teaching for six weeks this summer.

Jon Becker
(Ukraine, '92-93) Jon left CEP in July to take a post as Assistant Vice President of External Relations at the Central European University in Budapest.

Kevin Brennan
(Romania, '92-93) is in his second year as an instructor of Political Science at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, AR.

Daniel Bruch
(Hungary, '93-95) is the Dean of the Sociology Faculty at Knightsbridge University, a distance learning University headquartered in Copenhagen. He is rewriting the sociology curriculum and supervising several hundred adjunct faculty world-wide.

Elizabeth A. Bruch
(Hungary, '93-95) is Dean of Continuing Education at Teikyo Post University in Waterbury, CT. Teikyo Post is an international university with campuses in Japan, the US, and Europe.

Elizabeth M. Bruch
(Romania, '93-94, Slovakia, '94-95) is a project attorney for Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights. Elizabeth recently returned from the Beijing NGO and United Nations Women's conferences where she was an accredited delegate and is completing a project on human rights abuses against women in Haiti under the previous regime.

Daniel Drezner
(Ukraine, '93-94) Is working on his Ph.D. in political science at Stanford. The focus of his work is the Russian-Ukrainian relationship. Having spent a year in Donetsk, Dan is finding more than a little to write about on this topic.

Kathy Franz
(Ukraine, '93-94) This past summer Kathy held a fellowship position in the History of Technology at the Deutsches Museum in Munich. Currently she is back at Brown University writing her dissertation entitled "Home on the Road: Domesticity, Technology, and the Meanings of Mobile Space," which is about travel -- a topic she says was inspired by all those overnight train rides around Ukraine.

Irving Gershenberg
(Bulgaria, '93-94) Since last year Irving has been working on a project to analyze the level of managerial competence of top and middle level managers in Poland and Lithuania. Last March, he traveled to Warsaw and Vilnius to make contact with Polish and Lithuanian colleagues. He expects to complete this project by the end of this year.

Bill Hallagan
(Latvia, '93-94) returned to Latvia in June, 1995 under a grant from IREX to conduct research on Latvian banking. The National Research Council has also given Bill funding to do a followup study on the crisis in Latvian banking and so he plans to return for another short visit to Latvia in January, 1996. In between trips to Latvia Bill is a professor of economics at Washington State University.

Mills Kelly
(Slovakia, '94-95) Mills recently completed his Ph.D. in East European history at George Washington University. In October the CEP Board of Directors elected Mills as the "former lecturer" representative on the Board. He and his wife Susan recently relocated to North Hero, VT.

Janet Livingstone
(Czech Republic '91-94) After working in the CEP Washington Office, Janet is now working for Population Services International in Washington, DC, an NGO that involved in educational programs on birth control and AIDS worldwide. Recently, Janet traveled to Kenya to conduct a feasibility study for PSI. At PSI Janet works with Scott Billy, CEP's European Director from 1992-94. Oksana Malanchuk
(Ukraine, '93-94) is a Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan studying the construction of identity on a longitudinal survey of at-risk adolescents. She recently returned to Ukraine on an IREX grant to continue collaboration with Lviv State University colleagues on a study of the implications of social identity for political and economic reform.

Jim Picht
(Ukraine, '93-94) Is continuing his work in Moscow for KPMG-Barents Group on a fiscal reform project with the Russian parliament. Shannon Mudd (Slovakia '93-94) and Jean Tesche (Hungary '92-93) are also involved in this project. Recently, they conducted a series of seminars in Irkutsk to members of the Irkutsk Oblast' legislative assembly. In November all three former CEPers will travel to Samarkand for their project.

Craig Van Develde
(Ukraine '92-93) Craig is currently Country Director for Turkmenistan with Winrock International administering the Farmer-to-Farmer Program. The project focuses on small business development and curriculum reform in the field of agriculture. On October 12, Craig and his wife Cari Ann had their first child (a boy).

Erika Wolf
(Romania, '92-93) Since returning from Romania, Erika completed an A.M. in Russian and Eastern European Studies at the University of Michigan At present she is working on her dissertation in art history. Erika spent last fall on an exchange at the Russian State University of the Humanities in Moscow and has received an IREX Grant for an additional nine months of research in Russia during the current academic year.