Alumni News


From the Civic Education Project Newsletter, Volume 1, Number 2, Summer 1995

Stephen Baba
(Ukraine, '93-94) Steve now heads the Master's program in economics at the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics, and Strategic Management (KIMEP) in Almaty. CEP will be sending three lecturers to the Institute in September. Steve is also supervising a USAID-funded summer program in which five current CEP economics lecturers will be teaching for six weeks this summer.

Allen Bellas
(Bulgaria, '93-94) Allen is currently putting the finishing touches on his dissertation and will be teaching economics at the University of Washington. Allen's wife Elizabeth is working for Corbis Corporation, a company specializing in digital images for multimedia producers and end users.

Ruth M. Brown
(Ukraine, '92-93) Ruth is taking advantage of her retirement by reviving some research she began many years ago on groups opposed to the Equal Rights Amendment. Although she is enjoying her retirment, she reports that "there is nothing so interesting as teaching for CEP."

Henry (Chip) Carey
(Romania, '92-94) Chip is an adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Rutgers University Newark, and Montclair State University. He is currently editing a book on national reconciliation in Eastern Europe.

Elaine Chang
(Hungary, '92-93) Elaine is currently Assistant Dean at the Graduate School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington. (Elaine's title was incorrectly listed in the last issue of the newsletter. We apologize for the error.)

Anita Dancs
(Hungary, '92-94) Anita is currently a lecturer in the Department of Politics and Public Policy at the University of Luton, UK, while completing her PhD.

Fred Foldvary
(Latvia, '92-93) Fred spent the past year as a visiting professor of economics at Virginia Tech at Blacksburg, Virginia. His book "Public Goods and Private Communities" recently won the Atlas Foundation's annual award. He is currently editing a book based on a panel he organized on Comparative Economic Theory at the Eastern Economic Association meeting in March 1995.

William Hallagan
(Latvia, '93-94) Bill is currently back in Latvia under a grant from IREX in order to complete his study of the experience of the Latvian banking industry during the transition from a planned economy.

William Henderson
(Slovakia, '92-93) Bill is currently an Adjunct Professor at Franklin University. He is also responsible for facilitating exchanges of Slovak professionals with US programs of study and is also involved with fund raising for a Nitra Lutheran Church building.

Karl Irving
(Bulgaria, '93-94) Karl is currently pursuing a PhD at the School of Public Affairs at American University. In addition, he is organizing a conference on civil-military relations in Bulgaria.

Paul Kubicek
(Ukraine, '92-93) Paul received his PhD in political science from the University of Michigan this spring and has accepted a three-year appointment to teach at Koc University in Istanbul, Turkey. This summer he will also be marrying Alyce Howarth, who accompanied him to Ukraine.

Shannon Mudd
(Slovakia, '93-94) Along with CEP almuni James Picht and Jean Tesche, Shannon is currently working in Moscow as part of the USAID Intergovernmental Fiscal Reform Project for the Russian Federation.

James Picht
(Ukraine, '93-94) Jim is currently living in Moscow, employed by KPMG-Barents Group and is working on a fiscal reform project at the Russian parliament.

Spencer Pierce
(Ukraine, '93-94) Pete is teaching international business and marketing at the business schools of Toulouse and Pau. He is also in the process of creating a WWW server that deals with the European surf scene. Pete reports that he is getting married September 23 in Toulouse, France and invites his CEP friends to attend.

Irene Schmid
(Ukraine, '93-94) Irene has remained in Ukraine and is currently the operations manager of Ukraine Fund, a venture capital fund.

Craig VanDevelde
(Ukraine, '92-93) Craig is currently working as a Country Director for Winrock international in Turkmenistan overseeing the design and implementation of a USAID-funded agricultural development project which brings experts from the US to work with Turkmen counterparts for short-term consultancies in the field of agribusiness management and production technology.

Murray Wolfson
(Bulgaria, '93-94) Murray is back at work as Professor of Economics at California State University-Fullerton and Adjunct Professor of Economics and Global Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of California-Irvine.