Stephen R. Grand Award


The Stephen R. Grand Award is funded from an endowment established by the CEP Board of Directors in 1998 and is presented annually to outstanding participants in the CEP Local Faculty Fellow Program. The award recognizes their scholarly achievement, contribution to the process of social science reform at their local institutions and in their countries, and active involvement in the development of the CEP programs and events. The Award honors Dr. Stephen R. Grand, the founder and long time Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Civic Education Project, for his distinct role in the reform efforts at universities in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Recipients of the 1998–99 Stephen R. Grand Local Faculty Fellow Award were:

  • Dr. Tiberiu Alexa of North University in Baia Mare, Romania;
  • Dr. Petr Jehlicka of Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic;
  • Dr. Irina Taranenko of Dnipropetrovsk State University in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine; and
  • Dr. Oleg Sidorov of Mari State University in Yoshkar Ola, Russia.

During his three years with CEP, Dr. Alexa has been very active in CEP Romania’s Teaching Development Project and mentored three of his younger colleagues. In the academic year 1998–1999, Dr. Alexa helped organize two major events: CEP Romania’s National Student Conference and the Guest Lectures Conference. He recently published a bilingual history of the 100-year-old Baia Mare Artistic Center.

Dr. Jehlicka has mentored four Ph.D. students as part of the Novicius program, a junior faculty development program conducted jointly by CEP and the Jan Hus Educational Foundation. He has introduced several new courses and is co-editor of a book on environmental politics in Central and Eastern Europe, as well many articles published abroad. He has begun a research project for the Open University in the UK on the activities of environmental NGOs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Despite his youth, Dr. Sidorov holds the position of vice-dean of the Law Department at Mari El State University. He has developed new courses which are now integrated into the curriculum and which have successfully applied active teaching methods and utilized up-to-date teaching materials. He was also instrumental creating Legal Clinic, with the aim of raising the level of legal consciousness among the population in Russia and providing free legal consultation for the public.

In October 1998 Dr. Irina Taranenko organized the first student conference at Dnipropetrovsk State University. In the course of its preparation, the conference grew from a faculty-wide to a university-wide event. Fifty participants attended, including students and faculty from other institutions. Dr. Taranenko has prepared and published numerous manuals for economics students, including lecture notes, questions for discussion, cases, problems and exercises.

The Awards were presented at a special ceremony during the CEP’s Second Annual Local Faculty Fellows Roundtable in Lviv, Ukraine, May 28, 1999.

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