CEP launched the Romania program in 1992 with fifteen Visiting Faculty Fellows teaching in universities across the country. With the development of a strong Local Faculty Fellow program over the last few years and a high renewal rate among Visiting Faculty Fellows, CEP Romania has been able to fashion an active and committed team. For academic year 1998–99, this team included nine Local Faculty Fellows and five Visiting Faculty Fellows at eight universities.

In addition to Local Faculty Fellows, CEP Romania welcomed seven young Romanians to its Teaching Development Project (TDP). Initiated in 1996, the project introduces young scholars to CEP and allows them to participate in events, including workshops designed to help junior faculty improve their teaching and research skills. Consistent with CEP’s policy of widening its impact, CEP Romania also included high school social science teachers in some of its workshops.

CEP Romania has developed an innovative approach to guest lecturing. At the initiative of Dr. Tiberiu Alexa, Local Faculty Fellow alumnus in Baia-Mare, CEP Romania inaugurated the Guest Lecture Series, in which universities host guest lecture events for Fellows from other universities to present lectures. The first event took place in October 1998 in Baia-Mare and the second was held in Iasi in February 1999.

In spring of 1999, CEP Romania launched the Romanian Journal of Liberal Arts (RJLA), a semi annual academic journal for presenting contemporary research. The RJLA publishes articles on new research on Romania and its physical and cultural environs. Book reviews are also included. Published in English, the journal hopes to provide a wider audience with better insight into the country and increased exposure to Romanian scholarship.

CEP activities in Romania also focused attention on gender issues. Ten Years of Democracy. The Political Participation of Women in Romania, a conference aimed at promoting women’s social and political awareness and empowerment, was held in Bucharest. Co organized by CEP Romania and the Commission for European Integration of the Romanian Parliament, the conference was the first special event in Romania on the topic. Local Faculty Fellow Enikô Demény also initiated the Information and Documentation Center on Gender Studies and Feminism at the Institute of Anthropology in Cluj. The Center supports interdisciplinary research on gender-related issues.

In March of 1999, students from across Romania attended the 6th Annual Student Conference in Baia-Mare. At the first Romanian Moot Court Competition, hosted jointly by the European Studies Faculty of Babes Bolyai University and supported by the East East Program of the Soros Foundation, eight student teams from universities in Romania and Moldova prepared a legal case involving a question of European Community Law and argued it in English before a tribunal simulating the European Court of Justice. CEP Romania and its students were also active participants in the Balkan Debate Forum, held in Sofia in May 1999.

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