CEP Hungary began its program in 1992 with 12 Visiting Faculty Fellows who quickly discovered that teaching new courses using innovative approaches was a major contribution to the changes taking place in higher education. CEP lecturers have introduced a variety of new courses on topics such as American Constitutional Law, Negotiation Simulation in International Relations, Comparative Electoral Systems, and Cooperative Learning. They have also introduced learner centered, interactive methods in the classroom.

In 1998–99, CEP Hungary supported three Visiting Faculty Fellows and six Local Faculty Fellows at eight universities. Nine other Visiting Faculty Fellows provided instruction in academic writing at the Central European University. This group of eighteen committed and enthusiastic scholars reached nearly 1,000 students and a significant number of faculty. In addition to teaching, CEP Fellows are involved in curriculum reform, resource development workshops and conferences for students and faculty.

The third annual Regional Workshop on Teaching Strategies in Higher Education in Szeged brought together participants involved in higher education throughout Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Here they reflected on their experiences with the teaching process and their objectives as teachers, and acquired new ideas about teaching in the current, often difficult, conditions particular to the region. The Workshop places emphasis on issues of practical concern for higher education teaching in the region rather than on pedagogical theory.

“The workshop network provides a supportive atmosphere across disciplinary and national lines.”

Shelly Westebbe
Visiting Faculty Fellow Alumna

The National Human Rights Roundtable in June 1999 addressed the state of human rights and its place in education. The event brought together a wide variety of people to discuss the state of human rights education and its priorities in Hungary. Under the Sabre Foundation Book Donation Project, CEP Fellows can select books from a list of donated books to go to university libraries.

“All my courses have been supported or made possible by book purchases funded and organized by CEP. Fifteen books have already been donated to the law libraries of Budapest and Gyr.”

Balazs J. Geller, Local Faculty Fellow Alumnus

In the future, CEP Hungary will focus on projects in the areas of human rights, ethnic and minority issues and European integration. One of these projects, an applied social studies course focusing on human rights and conflict management for the social workers of the refugee camp in Debrecen, Hungary, is already in the preparatory phase. CEP Hungary plans to continue its close cooperation with a number of organizations, including the Chambers of Commerce, Civil Society Development Foundation, Civitas, European Youth Center, Foundation for Human Rights and Peace Education, Fulbright Commission, HESP Ministry of Education, Red Cross, Partners for Democratic Change, and UNESCO.

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