Visiting Faculty Fellows

Who are Visiting Faculty Fellows?

CEP Fellows are good role models. They are dynamic and talented. They take initiatives, and also a certain amount of risk in promoting new ideas and attitudes.”

CEP draws its Visiting Faculty Fellows (VFFs) from all over the world. From graduate students to retired professors, practicing lawyers to journalists, Fellows offer a wide range of experience and diversity to students and faculty. What they have in common is academic excellence, commitment to education, a sense of adventure, and a deep respect for the values of liberal democracy.

VFFs teach required and elective courses to both undergraduate and graduate students in universities throughout Southeastern Europe, the NIS, and Mongolia. They also organize non-classroom based activities for students and colleagues in their departments, often with the help of other CEP Fellows at the university. Some events and resources, such as legal clinics, guest lectures, or academic research rooms, are open to a wider public.

“If you want to make any change in any sphere it will be through education. Education is our key to changing this region in the future.”

Student participant in the CEP Youth Forum of the Caucasus.