Activities & Responsibilities

Teaching, mentoring, and other non-classroom-based activities are the main responsibilities of each VFF. Fellows often work together with other VFFs, LFFs, and the rest of their Regional Program team to carry out these responsibilities, between which there is often conceptual and practical overlap.

VFFs teach at least two courses per semester, and they are welcome to teach more at their own discretion. CEP, the university, and the Fellow agree on which courses will be taught. In some places, these will be compulsory courses, and in others, CEP courses will count as electives. Fellows teach both undergraduate and postgraduate students. CEP emphasizes critical thinking in all of its classes and activities and encourages Fellows to use participatory and interactive teaching methods. Fellows also work with their colleagues to introduce new methods of teaching and assessment. On occasion courses may be conducted in French, German, or even the native language of the students.

Conducting outreach activities for students and colleagues is also an important aspect of the Fellowship Program, and Fellows often work together to plan events on local, national, and sometimes regional levels according to the needs and practices of their country program. Activities include:

  • organizing student conferences, forums, simulations, or other student events;
  • giving workshops for students on presentation and research skills or resume-writing;
  • developing local-language teaching materials;
  • organizing and participating in faculty training projects;
  • working within academic networks through which scholars and other professionals can exchange ideas;
  • improving departmental and university libraries;
  • revising and developing curricula and syllabi;
  • sponsoring academic meetings; and
  • developing uses of information technology in teaching and research.

Fellows have a chance to use their creativity in developing both courses and outreach programs. Because of this, students and colleagues often consider CEP activities to be among the most enjoyable and educational experiences they have ever had.

“My CEP professor makes me think about things I never thought about before. That’s pretty nice.”

CEP student, American University in Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek