Local Faculty Fellows

Local Faculty Fellows (LFFs) are talented academics from Eastern Europe and Eurasia who received their graduate education in the West and return to university positions in their home countries. Most are junior academics committed to careers in academia and looking to help reform the way the social sciences are taught in the region. CEP gives them the financial, institutional, and professional support they require to accomplish this goal.

“Without any exaggeration, my best working experience has been the years with CEP. This organization gives the opportunity not to dream about change, but to actually change life today‚Ķ All the talented and committed people working for CEP share the same values of freedom, independence, professionalism and responsibility.”

Elena Kovaleva, LFF alumna, Donetsk State Technical University

CEP provides assistance to academics by helping them obtain teaching materials, providing opportunities to learn about teaching methodologies, and creating academic networks for collaboration and professional development. Local Faculty Fellows can receive support for up to two years in most CEP countries and up to three years in Central Asia from CEP.

Please note that CEP can only provide support to academics who have already secured a university teaching position in their home country