Benefits for LFF

CEP provides the following benefits to Local Faculty Fellows:

* a modest budget for producing, purchasing, and photocopying teaching materials, including books;
* participation in CEP-sponsored events, such as lecturer retreats, teaching methodology workshops, student conferences, issue roundtables, and regional projects;
* inclusion in CEP’s network of scholars (more than 250 current Visiting and Local Faculty Fellows, as well as a wide spectrum of alumni) across the region;
* online services to facilitate and support teaching, outreach and communication;
* funds to create and carry out academic projects designed to strengthen the Local Faculty Fellow’s department or create collaborative projects with other CEP colleagues; and
* a stipend of 1,500-3,000 USD for ten months of teaching, depending on the country program and institution.

All LFFs have a one-year contract. Fellows may renew their contracts for a second year in all CEP locations except Central Asia, where they may renew for a third year. These renewals are subject to a standard performance review by CEP.

“Thanks to CEP I had the opportunity to meet some interesting colleagues – Visiting Faculty Fellows as well as Local Faculty Fellows – whose professional skills and friendship I highly appreciate.”
Boyan Znepolsky, LFF alumnus, Bulgaria